20 Dec 2015

A Church is often looked at as a place to gather on Sunday morning.  But what happens at our church from Sunday to Sunday?
Our doors are open all week to a variety of organizations and groups working within the community promoting healthy living, addiction recovery, and family mentoring for a variety of reasons.  This church is where families gather as they grieve and process the passing of loved ones.  It is there when you or a loved one is dealing with a health crisis.
We have also been very fortunate this past …

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Began 27 December 2015
“Close Encounters of the Godly Kind”. We will be begin looking at some of the earliest encounters people had with Christ after his birth. Tomorrows encounter reminds us that sometimes people wait their entire lives for what they are looking for and that we are never too old to experience God in a new way.
The service begins at 10:15 am. The Federated Church is across from the Firehouse on North Street.


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